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New to the Winnipeg singer-songwriter scene, Isaac Walker has just released his first EP, Porch Sessions, Vol.1. 


Isaac, a long-time guitar player and for a brief time in high school, a songwriter, rekindled his music career in August of 2019. Putting thoughts to paper after what had ended up being an emotionally charged summer, Isaac quickly wrote a collection of 8 songs that ended up being the EP. Trying out different genres and play styles in his music, the first release does not quite give away what Isaac's final sound might be.

This EP was written, practiced, recorded, mixed and mastered in the porch of his Lord Roberts home in south Winnipeg. Much of the EPs inspiration came from time spent in this porch and so to help convey the feeling of porch life, it was entirely created in this space.

Isaac is now looking to spread his music throughout the music scene taking every chance he can get to share his music and loving every moment of it.

Isaac Walker-5_edited.jpg
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